Monday, August 22, 2016

iPhone 8 in a Glass Case. How would it look.

iPhone 8 in a Glass Case. Designers relied on all existing rumors about the iPhone 8 and combining them into a single entity, created a spectacular concept «iPhone of the future." Surprise designers invented the smartphone starts at a glance that falls on the body made of sapphire glass.

The technical iPhone 8's plan was no less impressive. The smartphone will be reduced by as much as 30% of the thickness of the shell, support for wireless charging technology, built-in stereo speakers and have SIM-card e-SIM.

iPhone 8 will have 4K-display and will extend from one end of the body to another, without having absolutely side frames. Home Button on iPhone 8 will be built right into the body of the smartphone. Note that the designers have decided to dream still relying on common sense, and to represent the entire front side of the smartphone they did not display.

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