iPhone 7 Commercial

iPhone 7 Commercial. The new iPhone - a new piece of work for the Apple's marketing department. A few minutes ago on the official YouTube channel of Apple, there are two iPhone 7 commercials on possible iPhone 7. It's very nice ads. We know that Apple always create cool commercials for all products.

iPhone 7 - Midnight. Night Life of skateboarder. Having taken with itself a board and iPhone 7, the guy decides to go on a night tour. The shooting took place at midnight on the lighting conditions, which barely managed even reflex camera. iPhone7 hasn't the problems with it.

iPhone 7 - Morning Ride. The man who became the hero of a 30-second promotional video, is not life without the bike. Despite the storm and rain, he wears a helmet, equipment and fearlessly fixes iPhone 7 to the steering frame of his bike. Rain is not terrible, because the iPhone 7 is not afraid of water!