Facebook in China. Again.

Facebook in china. Again. Facebook has about 1.79 billion people, but banned in China.

Once Facebook officially left China, the press has repeatedly discussed the possible terms and conditions of the company's return to the Chinese market. However, despite the apparent efforts by Facebook's, so the American social network is not available from the territory of the PRC.

One of the main problems faced in China, the Chinese government is to ban access to Internet sites. In particular this applies to the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which are blocked by the government firewalls and other restrictions.

For this reason Facebook will not only have to agree to strict conditions by the Chinese authorities for traffic control, but also to provide user's personal data and the content of e-mail messages after requests from China. Besides Facebook Chinese work constraints, as well as other foreign network services in China, set for a protectionist purpose.

Some chinese magazines and home pages spread information that Facebook working on ways to move past ban—one of which involves censoring news. A tool that would prevent posts from showing up in a particular geographic region, which according to current and former Facebook employees the company already has.

Chinese government cooperation is the way that Weibo, China's largest social network, is able to operate in the country. It's very interesting, because Facebook's business does have a presence given that the company still sells advertising to Chinese companies. Twitter, which is also banned in the country, also operates a similar business.

When? We know that China has big plans to cooperation in IT sphere, but they have plans to intergrated their products in world. Alibaba - aliexpress, one if them, but situation with Facebook will be interesting. Maybe.