How to spot a fake iPhone 8 - Determine fake vs real!


How to spot a fake iPhone 8 - determine fake vs real: Apple is going to release a new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in September 2017. But even in next year, Apple products, as always, will be the best in all markets. New smartphones has a really new design comparing to previous version. And of course, we have new functions.

Apple products are very popular around the world. They are in demand year to year. And because of that, we know, that a lot of manufacturers make iPhone fiction versions. This year Chinese manufacturers made new iPhone 8, although it hasn't been released. From first sight, it may look as original product, so it hard sometimes to see the difference.

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Today I want to entitle all differences between iPhone 8 and fictional iPhone. I don't want you to buy a fiction. You have to remember that every product can be copied and if gadget is very popular, amount of copies increases very quickly. And unfortunately, a lot of these lies are successful. Last Apple presented product broke the records of selling and it means probability to buy a fiction is very high.

The most clear differences of iPhone 8:

- Apple smartphones never had slot for microSD storage card.
- IPhone 8 don't support 2 SIM-cards
- IPhone 8 has sensory Home button, not mechanical.
- iPhone doesn't have any styluses
- Every iPhone has App Store app and doesn't have Google Play Market
- IPhone 8 doesn't have 3.5-mm audio jack for headphones.

And now I want to share some of my own advices, which can help you to buy a right iPhone 8:

- Go to any big shop in your city and find a gadget. Look at it and try to use in different ways. If in future you will get a fiction you will see the difference.
- I don't recommend buying iPhone on eBay, Amazon or Alisxpress. On these websites often placed fictions or repaired iPhones.
- Very often fictions are selling on the Chinese internet-shops, where price is more lower than at official retailers.
- Watch some reviews about Chinese products. This way you will be able to find and buy only original smartphone.