Samsung S8 Price in USA, Canada, UK, Australia


Samsung S8 Price in USA, Canada, UK, Australia incl. Samsung S8 Plus. Today we can see more about all-new Samsung Galaxy S8. Samsung is really on the cutting edge of technology w these phones. I would've liked to see 100% screen to body ratio, guess we aren't there yet. I still wish makers would design them thicker and a little heavier to allow for a larger battery.

Samsung S8 Price in USA without contract:

Samsung S8 Model:Samsung S8 Price: USA
Galaxy S8 (64GB), Black$750
Galaxy S8 (64GB), Orchid$750
Galaxy S8 Plus (64GB), Black$850
Galaxy S8 Plus (64GB), Orchid$850


Samsung S8 Price in UK (United Kingdom):

Samsung S8 Model:Samsung S8 Price: GBP
Galaxy S8 (64GB), Black£689
Galaxy S8 (64GB), Orchid£689
Galaxy S8 Plus (64GB), Black£779
Galaxy S8 Plus (64GB), Orchid£779


Samsung S8 Price in Europe:

Samsung S8 Model:Samsung S8 Price: euro
Galaxy S8 (64GB), Black€809
Galaxy S8 (64GB), Orchid€809
Galaxy S8 Plus (64GB), Black€909
Galaxy S8 Plus (64GB), Orchid€909


Samsung S8 Price in Australia:

Samsung S8 Model:Samsung S8 Price: USA
Galaxy S8 (64GB), BlackAU$1199
Galaxy S8 (64GB), OrchidAU$1199
Galaxy S8 Plus (64GB), BlackAU$1349
Galaxy S8 Plus (64GB), OrchidAU$1349

Samsung Galaxy S8 features: The 10nm processor in the S8+ is supposed to be 40% more power efficient (or something like that) so the same size battery should go a lot further.  Although that doesn't help screen power consumption.

We now know the Samsung Galaxy S8's camera sensor is the same as the Samsung Galaxy S7. How much is the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus going to cost?  Safe to say, camera sensor technology advancements, are beginning to slow down. Which is bad for high cost flagship phones. Maybe it is disappointing considering the Snapdragon 835 supports twin 16MP rear cameras. I honestly think they kept 12MP so the lens stays flush with the body though. Samsung is at least wise to combat a leveling playing field from the mid-range with their 360 camera but hopefully we'll get the twin 16MP rear setup from the Note 8!

So it's hard to believe you can now buy, a Moto G5 Plus for $185 (Amazon Prime) with the SAME camera sensor. :)