No iPhone 8 in September

We know that Apple's iPhone keynote is 12-th September, but we don't more about it. Today we received new message from our Foxconn's friend with new information.

He claims that Foxconn produces two new products, but not three. He also confirmed that new products have similar components, as well as past models. This indicates that 2 new products will be with new features, but not much different from previous models.

We asked for a completely new product, which should have completely new components, but he did not confirm these rumors.

It's mean that Apple will be released 2 new products, but not three. We think that it will be iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus (or with new name iPhone 7s Pro). Maybe new product will be released later?

Next weekend our another sourche come back from factory and we will be have new information.