Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Amazon Web Services Login

Amazon Web Services Login - The data warehouse is just part of the comprehensive Amazon Web Services (AWS) product, which also includes the cloud computing service, management, development, security and much more that is listed on the official Amazon portal. More precisely, there is represented not one, but a whole block of repositories for different business tasks.

You can see from the description, Amazon Web Services is focused only on the corporate sector and is not designed to store albums with seals pictures, although it is possible that someone is using it for this too. After all, the cloud storage of files - Amazon Glacier, like the Yandex disk, provides users with 10 free GB. The cost of additional volume is $ 0.004 for 1 GB per month.

The functionality and capabilities of this service are determined by business objectives, including:

- Uninterrupted operation, increased reliability.
- Compliance with standards for enhanced data protection.
- Multilanguage interface.
- Unlimited volume (expansion for extra charge).
- Easy to use and flexible settings.
- Integration with other Amazon Web Services.

Those who are interested in Amazon's capabilities can get acquainted with the full documentation on AWS products, which is on the official website on Amazon dot com.
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