Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Baidu Cloud Login

How to Baidu Cloud Login? This is the Chinese service Baidu Cloud. As can be seen from the screenshot, for us it is not adapted. Why is it needed then, if there are more familiar European and American analogues? The fact is that Baidu provides users with a 2 terabyte of free disk space. For this, it is worth overcoming the difficulties of translation and other obstacles.

Registration on Baidu Cloud is much more labor-intensive than competitors. It requires confirmation by the code sent by SMS.

The second difficulty is that the account can not be registered to some email addresses. In particular, on the services of gmail (Google is locked in China), Bing or Yahoo.

And the third difficulty is the need to install a mobile application Baidu Cloud on the phone or tablet, because it is for this and given 1 TB (when you register on the computer you will get only 5 GB). And it, as you know, completely in Chinese.

Not scared? Dare - and you will be rewarded.
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