Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How To Get 2TB Storage on iPhone for FREE [Guide]

How To Get 2TB Storage on iPhone for FREE!!! We know one most popular cloud service to enable 2TB storage for free. On average, users can store over 600.000 photos, 30.000 hours of music playback and about 500 movie discs. It's amazing Cloud Service for all who want to have iPhone without limits.

Baidu is a search giant that provides much more cloud storage, compared to other similar services. The main feature of Baidu Cloud is that the storage is absolutely free, and the user interface of the program is thoughtful and convenient. Download Baidu Cloud cloud client for free under the steps below.

How To Get 2TB Storage on iPhone for FREE [Guide]:

Step 1. Go to Baidu Cloud home page [LINK];
Step 2. You must open free account on this Cloud Service;
Step 3. Download Baidu Cloud App from App Store [Link]
Step 4. Login and .... you can upload + download 2 TB files. It's amazing.

If the user does not have an active account on any of the above services, it is necessary to pass the initial registration and verification of security via SMS. It's free.
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