iCloud Email Login on iPhone via iOS 12 Safari Browser.

iCloud Email Login on iPhone via iOS 12 Safari Browser. Recently, we constantly see ads from Apple, that new technologies are moving forward. Although the company constantly tells us that the new iPad completely replaces the computer and the user no longer has to buy a computer. But everything happens differently in life. There is a feeling that the company itself does not fully know how the new iPad should replace the computer.

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For Example - To be honest, I do not understand why Apple does not allow you to log into your iCloud account via a browser on an iPhone or iPad. If our iPhone is dead and we have a great need to enter your email on the friend's iPhone, you can not do it. You will see the well-known inscription:

I hate this message on my iPhone and iPad

Recently, several sources close to the office, they say that the company is updating the iOS 12, so that all users can log into their account not only on the computer, but on the iPhone and ipad. Now, in order to check your mail through the browser, we need to do some work, but they do not give the same result that we want to see. Sources say that the new iOS 12 will be able to log in and manage its data directly through Safari.

If this information is confirmed, we can argue that Apple in new IOS 12 is even closer to abandoning the computer. Now that you buy a new iPad, you can manage multiple accounts through a iOS 12 browser, as you are doing now through your computer. I wait it.