Wednesday, May 23, 2018

iCloud Sign In on iPhone, iPad, Windows PC or Mac

Here you see how to iCloud Sign In. Today there are not a few cloud storage facilities and the iPhone user can use any of the available assortment of services. However, it is probably most convenient for the owner of the iOS device to back up important information via the iCloud service - a cloud developed by Apple specifically for its users.

iCloud Sign In on iPhone, iPad, Windows PC or Mac:

Step 1. Tap on “Safari”
Step 2. Go to iCloud.com
Step 3. Write “….@me.com or …@icloud.com
Step 4. Write password
Step 5. Done.

The main advantage of the "native" cloud is that the owner of the iPhone or another iOS-gadget does not need to install anything else - iCloud is built into user settings, in addition there is a special additional application iCloud Drive - a little later we'll figure out why it's needed.

Another plus is, again, the lack of unnecessary troubles with the creation of a special account. To enter the iCloud cloud, you do not need to create any new account, the Apple user ID is used.

Well, finally, the third is also very important advantage of iCloud - it is convenient to interact with it not only on the most mobile devices. You can also access the cloud from your computer using a special program or through a browser and iCloud.com portal.
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