Monday, October 21, 2019

What is Cloud Storage

What is Cloud Storage? For the exchange of files between computers and mobile gadgets no longer need cables and flash drives. If the devices have Internet access, the files can "fly" between them "on the cloud".

More precisely, they can "settle" in the cloud storage, which is a collection of servers scattered around the world (combined into one virtual cloud server), where users pay their data for free or for free. In the cloud, files are stored exactly the same as on the computer's hard drive, but are not available from one, but from different devices that are able to connect to it.

Every second or third Internet user has already taken the technology of cloud storage to the arsenal and enjoys using it, but someone is still saving flash drives. After all, not everyone knows about this possibility, and some simply can not decide which service to choose and how to use it. Well, let's understand together.

If you look through the eyes of an inexperienced user, the cloud storage is a normal application. It just does what it creates on the computer a folder under its own name. But not simple. All that you put into it is simultaneously copied to the same cloud Internet server and becomes available from other devices. The size of this folder is limited and can grow within the allocated disk space (on average from 2 GB).

If the cloud storage application is running and the computer (mobile gadget) is connected to the WAN, the data on the hard disk and in the cloud are synchronized in real time. When offline, and when the application does not work, all changes are saved only in the local folder. When you connect the machine to the Internet, access to the storage is made possible through the browser as well.

Files and folders downloaded to the cloud are full web objects, the same as any content of Internet sites and ftp-storages. You can refer to them and share links with other people, even with those who do not use this service. But only the person to whom you allowed it will be able to download or see the object from your repository. In the cloud your data is hidden from prying eyes and reliably protected by a password.

The bulk of cloud services has additional functionality - a file viewer, built-in document editors, tools for creating screenshots, etc. This is plus the amount of space provided and creates the main differences between them.
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