iOS 13 - Reasons to Wait for the new iOS 13!

iOS 13 release date is here. Next question - why we wait new iOS 13. Every year, users of iPhones receive an OS update with new features and capabilities. If you are an iPhone owner, you know that Apple constantly tells us that a new iPhone can completely replace a computer. We are told that it is enough to buy a new big iPhone and we will not use our computer.

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Many users of the latest version of the iOS 12, really give up their computers in favor of buying a new iPhone. We are no longer surprised that the new iPhone has more space than the new Mac. Such a smartphone is very convenient to use, but there is one major problem.


- The first reason why we are waiting for a new iOS 13 is the correct search among photos. I'm almost sure that the one who reads this post on his smartphone has over 10,000 photos on it, but unfortunately, more than 99% of them you do not review these photos. The biggest problem in the photography environment is the search. We can search by the faces and places where the photos were taken, but this is not enough. Unfortunately, we can not give names to photos.

For many years, rumors have been circulating that in the new OS 13, Apple will give the opportunity to give names for the photos, as we do on our computers. This means that we can easily find the right photo and do not make additional copies to have access to it.

- The second problem that makes us wait for a new OS 13 is the adaptation of the software. I think that you have encountered a problem when at the time of writing large letters or text in the presentation, your proramma (eg - Notes) just turn off all of your records disappeared. With a computer, this does not happen to us, but in the OS we can often get bugs and hangs. New iOS 13 will be more stable and more comfortable.


The third reason we expect a new iOS 13 is to optimize the storage space. When buying a new iPhone, we are most worried about whether we have enough space in it. If we have an iPhone with 128 GB of memory, unfortunately this does not mean that all these 128 GB we will use. Most programs use extra space, so the memory of our iPhone is quickly clogged. For example, after one month of using Instagramm, we can see that this program does not take 300MB as it was during the installation, but the 2-3 GB. And we can remove these additional gigabytes only by deleting the program itself. Why, Apple?


Another reason why we are waiting for a new OS 13 is the complete adaptation of programs and sites for the iOS. It's no secret that many programs or sites that work perfectly on computers, on iPhones have a much truncated version. I will not talk about apps like Photoshop and Lightroom, but even ordinary Facebook has such a version. This creates additional problems for working on an iPhone or an iPad, so we are waiting for the solution of these problems.

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