5 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone / iPad in 2018

MICGadget's 5 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone in 2018 - Today I offer you 5 apps that you must install on your iPhone. Without these applications, it is even difficult to call a smartphone full-fledged.

Any user has his own personal list of gold iPhone / iPad apps that are installed first and foremost on a new device or after the next OS update. These are 5 Must-Have Apps For Your iPhone that are used every day on an ongoing basis and without which it is absolutely impossible to do. Here is what a similar list looks like in my case.

Instagram ++ App for iPhone, iPad:

  • Save photos and videos to your device

  • Switch between grid view or the default list view

  • Hide comments in your timeline

  • Open links inside Instagram

  • Show caption while zooming an image

  • Share videos/photos with third-party apps

  • Re-gram photos and videos

  • View the full timestamp for posts (date and time)

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YouTube ++ App for iPhone, iPad:

  • Download videos to your device

  • Download music to your device

  • Block Ads

  • Play video/audio in the background

  • Set video playback speed (0.5x - 2.0x)

  • Auto-replay videos

  • Disable age restrictions

  • Forward/Rewind controls with custom number of seconds

  • Default playback quality

  • Audio player for downloaded videos

  • Much more!

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Snapchat ++ App for iPhone, iPad:

  • Use the old Snapchat design.

  • Save snaps and stories to Camera Roll

  • Upload photos and videos from Camera Roll

  • Remove the Discover and Live Stories section

  • New paint brush tools: change brush size, eraser, redo stroke, and paint bucket

  • View stories without your friends knowing it

  • Disable the hold gesture to keep snaps open

  • View snaps without marking them as read

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Facebook ++ App for iPhone, iPad:

  • Download videos to your device

  • Improvements to Messenger:

  • Use Messenger within Facebook app

  • View the timestamp for every message

  • Send unlimited number of photos

  • Disable VoIP

  • Copy videos to clipboard to paste or send later, or save/download to albums

  • View most recent photos instead of popular ones

  • Protect the Facebook app with Touch ID or passcode

  • Hide tabs

  • Disable video auto-play

  • Full-screen mode

  • Re-enables the old sidebar navigation

  • and much more!

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