The Upcoming Updates for Mac Products


As you know Apple is gearing up to launch a revamped Mac Pro, an upgraded Mac mini in either late July or early August. All Apple sites reported that, but there’s more to come. According to our trusted sources and previous rumors, Apple will update the Time Capsule and Airport Extreme! What’s more, we have more details on the new Mac Pro and Mac mini. So, jump on in and check ‘em out!

Before we talk about the new Mac products, we need to tell you that there will be no new Macs until OSX Lion is released in July as Apple is waiting so they can give consumers the best experience with the new OS. So hold your piggy bank savings and WAIT!

New Mac mini:
Alright, the Mac mini will receive the Thunderbolt I/O and Sandy Bridge processor (no more Core 2 Duo) treatment, which the MacBook Pro and iMac families received earlier this year. You will not see Nvidia graphics in the new Mac mini, and it will offer Intel HD integrated graphics. That means the new Mac mini will provide poor gaming performance, but Apple doesn’t care about that, since the machine will be cheaper to produce! Yup, the lack of the Northbridge chip will save Apple $40 per unit! If you are looking for a redesign on the Mac mini, we do not have details on that yet, sorry. Oh, you will see the new Mac mini in late July/early August.

New Mac Pro:
Wondering what the “next-gen” Mac Pro is holding? Well, the new Mac Pro will look different in appearance, and we’ll be seeing a rack-mountable design on the new “server” version to replace Xserve. Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt are coming to the new Mac Pro, and at the same time, a unique CPU will be developed for Mac. This unique CPU is not seen in PC. So, the new Mac Pro will be significantly faster with the updated processor, and it is good for enterprise. However, the hot swappable drives are gone and there’s no interchangeable power supply. Just like the Mac mini, it will be available in late July/early August.

New Time Capsule:
The new Time Capsule may look different since it has a new design to dissipate heat better than the current model, that’s why its taken so long for Apple to make new generation! Next, Apple changed the internal hard drive as well, the new Time Capsule has a new efficient TDP (thermal displacement unit) and low power consumption hard drive, it uses Apple firmware for the drive! Comparing with the current generation, it has a faster read/write speed. What’s more, the 1TB model may go extinct, and the new Time Capsule will be available in 2TB plus storage, and according to our trusted source, 3TB is tested, but not sure if Apple got it to work.

New Airport Extreme:
No kidding, the Airport Extreme will be updated too. It will still work with the new wireless N standard, and in order to improve its signal strength, it has six antennas built-in. The new Airport Extreme has extended range and better heat dissipation than previous models. It has two networks and one guest network, so three networks per device! Users can create a “guest network” on top of their two networks, and the guest network could be switched on/off, and it limits what people can do on it.

One more thing:
There’s a secret feature on the new Time Capsule and Airport Extreme. They cache updates! Both devices are built into Lion, so if you are working on iOS 5 and/or Lion, you can access the new Time Capsule and Airport Extreme. Once new content is downloaded or existing content is updated, the changes are pushed to all devices. Therefore, the new Time Capsule and Airport Extreme cache your updates for iOS/Mac devices on your network. Awesome.

That’s all we could tell you now, and if that’s not enough for you, well, we are hearing that sheets and posters for the new Mac minis and the new Mac Pros are making their way to Apple stores. We are SO excited! (^O^)