Are you ready to pay 2000 dollars for a new iPhone 11 in 2019?

Recently, more and more information appears that Foxconn can stop the production of Apple’s smartphones. Against this background, we all want to know where Apple can produce them and what the price will be.

We already know that Apple tried to start producing their Mac computers in the United States and we know what the price of a new Mac was. Therefore, many IT specialists claim that it is impossible to transfer the production of phones from China to the USA. But who will be able to produce new iPhones?

Apple Company is the 3rd largest seller of smartphones (the first is Samsung, the second is Huawei), so it is not possible to transfer production of such quantity of products quickly. If the Chinese government goes to Foxconn pressure, the Chinese manufacturer will be forced to close the production of the American giant and focus on the production of Chinese smartphones.

The most popular version of the flagship was the model with 256 GB of internal memory. According to specialists, the production of one such device costs Apple $ 443 - compared to last year’s iPhone X, the new product has actually risen in price by only $ 50.

If the company Fokskonn suspend the production of new smartphones, the cost of a new iPhone can grow by 40-50%. We know that Apple has a high margin, so the new iPhone can increase significantly.

Are you ready to pay 2000 dollars for a new iPhone?