Huawei plans to sell 80 million 5G Models in 2020

Global sales of smartphones with 5G support in 2020 can reach 160 million units, provided that the introduction of a new standard of cellular communication in China will go as expected.

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Huawei has the best chance to become a dominant player in the Chinese market of 5G smartphones, and in the future the company can take advantage of this advantage to regain its position in the global arena.

Despite the fact that Samsung is today the undisputed world leader in the 5g sector, the South Korean vendor controls only about 1% of the Chinese smartphone market. According to experts, in 2020 China should reach the first place in the world in the implementation of 5G-smartphones, and sales of such models in the country by this time will reach 80 million pieces.

Huawei is under pressure in the international arena because of the us sanctions, and to cope with the difficulties, intensified efforts in its domestic market. In the second quarter of 2019, Huawei brought its market share in China to almost 40%, significantly ahead of other competitors.

Earlier, experts reported that Huawei has dramatically strengthened its position at home and thus compensating for the uncertainty in other major markets such as North America and Western Europe. In April-June, the Chinese vendor increased the global supply of smartphones by 8% to 58.7 million units, resulting in its share in the global market exceeded 17%.