Monday, September 23, 2019

iPhone 11, iPhone XR or iPhone X? Which iPhone Model Should I Buy?

iPhone 11, iPhone XR or iPhone X? Which iPhone Model Should I Buy? On September 10, Apple unveiled the iPhone 11. The updated smartphone is essentially the second generation iPhone XR. Its main difference is the dual camera hidden along with the flash under the glass that covers the back of the device.

The most affordable iPhone 11 2019 model year with a screen diagonal of 6.1 inches is estimated by the manufacturer at 699 dollars. To reduce the price to such limits allowed the rejection of OLED-matrix in favor of LCD. The rest of the smartphone is no different from the more expensive models, except for the camera — the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max it is triple, and the budget version — double.

It is unlikely that the new iPhones will break Apple's sales records. The success of the same iPhone X was due primarily to the updated design for a long time, frameless OLED-screen and innovative technology face ID facial recognition. While this year Apple showed "typical" devices — with the already familiar design, but with the best hardware component. For many buyers, this is clearly not enough to spend a significant amount for a smartphone again.

The difference between iPhone 11 and iPhone XR is not that significant. Both smartphones have a case made of glass and aluminum — just the iPhone 11 it is more "eco-friendly", it is now a worldwide trend, and Apple could not support it. Diagonal and screen type are also the same-6.1 inches Liquid Retina HD, in simple terms-IPS.

Therefore, the dimensions do not differ (up to a millimeter), as well as the weight in 194, Buyers do not see the point to overpay for night mode and wide-angle lens (although they are better to try), and the performance in the XR is enough, this does not need a top chip A13 Bionic.

iPhone 11, iPhone XR or iPhone X? Which iPhone Model Should I Buy? - We recommended iPhone XR.
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