iPhone 2020: This is what iPhone 2020 might look like

Hi guys. iPhone 2020 day is funday. Apple's autumn presentation will take place in just a few days. Of course, the most awaited line of new iPhones, but in addition, Apple has prepared for the public a lot of pleasant surprises. Rumors about what to expect at the event have accumulated enough.
Most likely, the main distinguishing feature of the new IPhones 2020 will be a square camera with three lenses, including one ultra-wide angle. The new camera will not just allow you to shoot the world around in more detail. It can, for example, automatically change the frame of the image and return someone's head, accidentally cut off by the photographer.

In addition, everyone expects from the cameras completely new, better pictures in low light. Three lenses will shoot at the same time, and the AI will combine images, giving a better picture.

Most likely users will be able to easily unlock their iPhone, even when it is on the table. This will be possible because the smartphone will be able to scan and identify the face of its owner from different angles.

Perhaps the new iPhones 2020 will be able to shoot slow-motion video through the front camera. It will probably be able to record at 120 frames per second. This will give a lot of room for creativity TikTok application users.
Apple's new high-quality iPhone lets you edit live videos, add effects, change colors, and crop videos while you're still recording them. This can be useful if you have noticed some deficiencies in lighting or framing already in the process of shooting.

Selling Apple adds wireless charging to a future iPhone 2020. Earlier this year, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S10 with reverse wireless charging. So in this regard, Apple is catching up with its competitor again. It is good that the company is moving in this direction, I would like to see in the future the opportunity to charge the iPhone 2020 from the iPhone or even from the watch or Vice versa.