IPhone 11 will be the most popular smartphone in 2020

Data from research company Omdia indicates that in 2019, Apple sold 46.3 m iPhone XR. This made it the best-selling smartphone in the world. It is also more than double the cupertinos managed to sell in 2018: 23,1 mln vs 46.3 million.
According to the Omdia report on smartphone market modeling, Apple delivered 46.3 million iPhone XR devices in 2019. This figure is more than double the 23.1 million devices delivered in 2018. meanwhile, iPhone 11 shipments reached 37.3 million units during 2019.

Apple took the first place and the second place, Samsung entered the top five with the Galaxy a10, A50 and A20 models. the iPhone 11 Pro Max was the sixth most popular smartphone with 17.6 million shipments. It is followed by the iPhone 8 with 17.4 million.

Overall, Omdia estimates that shipments of Apple smartphones in 2019 decreased by 4.6% compared to the previous period. Despite the annual decline, which Omdia explains by the increase in prices for smartphones, Apple continues to occupy a leading position in terms of deliveries.

Xiaomi's Redmi Note 7 ranked eighth with 16.4 million. Finally, the iPhone 11 Pro is in ninth place with 15.5 million devices sold in 2019. Closes the top ten Galaxy J2 Core. iPhone 11 will be the most popular smartphone in 2020.